Fetishes and Philias

Fetishes and philias are unconventional sexual attractions and can include certain body parts, unusual physical contact, role playing, or objects. Although the majority of fetishes and philias are not illegal,  immoral,  or problematic, and are within  the normal spectrum of sexual behaviour, some behaviors are viewed as taboo by partners, society, or oneself.

As a result of this, you may feel the need to keep them hidden from your friends and family or even your partner.  When these behaviors start to become overwhelming, and/or infringe on your day to day activities, these behaviours then move into the problematic and distressing area.

The Symptoms of Out of Control Fetishes and Philias Are:


  • An Overwhelming need to keep these urges and impulses hidden
  • An Inability to concentrate on anything else besides the fetish or philia
  • Distress or functional impairment due to the fetish or philia, or the activities that one does in order to keep them secret


How We Can Help

If you feel that your fetishes and philias have become overwhelming and problematic, then Insight Psychological is here to help. Our specialty trained psychologists/sex therapists will be able to work with you in order to determine a plan  and follow through with a better course of action.

Insight Psychological has six locations in Alberta – Edmonton South, Edmonton Central, Edmonton North, Calgary, Red Deer, and Spruce Grove. Call us today to see how we can help.