Assessments For Developmental Disabilities

When attempting to understand Developmental Disorders, exploring a psychological assessment can become a critical component in understanding the nuances needed to help adequately diagnose a specific disorder.

At Insight Psychological, we have the most up- to-date psychological tests to explore, understand, identify and even diagnose many of the developmental disorders experienced by both adults and children.



Diagnoses of developmental disorders commonly involves the combination of understanding components of each of:

  • psycho-educational assessments
  • behavioral assessments
  • academic assessments
  • neuropsychological assessments

This may even include specific functional assessments for specific issues such as EQ or attention issues, not to mention the personality assessment components that are frequently identified as concerns.

Currently, Insight Psychological has the capacity to assess and diagnose disorders including:

  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning disorders
  • Expressive and Receptive language disorders

as well as other Pervasive Developmental disorders that are not always able to be specifically diagnosed. Some of these diagnoses can also include Asperger’s Disorder as well as other communication/social disorders.



Some people ask which tests we use here at Insight. Currently, Insight Psychological has access to over 200 tests used to identify specific disorders or issues. Some of more comprehensive tests include the up-to-date versions of the Wechsler intelligence scales (WAIS), memory tests (WMS) and the Wechsler Individual Achievement Tests (WIAT) as well as the K-TEA, the K- ABC, ADOS-2, the BASC, Connors scales, CBCL and the ABAS-2 and ABS-2 to only name a few.

Sometimes neuropsychological tests are required to help in the diagnoses and Insight Psychological utilizes the Halstead-Reitan neuropsychological battery to address these issues. As new issues and up-to-date tests are also being developed annually, Insight Psychological is willing to make a commitment to purchasing and updating those psychological tests for issues that are in demand and is willing to explore and train its therapists to help cover any areas of need currently or in the future.


The process

These tests, in addition to a thorough initial interview and background history helps gather the necessary information to fully understand and diagnose disorders which helps many individuals get funding for special needs both within the school system and out.

Although some assessments tend to be standardized, many times we need to customize our assessments as many disorders or issues are not as clear-cut as we would like them to be.

At Insight Psychological we are able to customize these assessments as we see fit in order to expertly analyze and identify the issue.

For any of those issues that are out of Insight Psychological’s scope we have developed a good relationship with medical specialists in the area to help support and/or identify those diagnoses that may be necessary for adequate treatment or funding/care.


The problem

Unfortunately, many government and publicly funded agencies have long waiting lists which can be up to and over one year.

This sometimes limits an individual or parents ability to quickly get funding for the care they or their children need. Insight psychological strives in attempting to get those in need quicker than they would be able to get within a government funded agency to help start the helping process as fast as possible.


A solution

Although not funded publicly or by the government services received from psychologists at insight psychological are available through extended health care benefits packages including Blue Cross as well as some government-sponsored agencies, including children’s services and Veterans Affairs.

Get the help you need and contact us for more information.