Custody Access & Parental Assessments (PN7, PN8)

Custody access and parental assessments are designed to examine the dynamics of parent-child interactions. Sometimes these assessments are called a Practice Note 7 (PN7) or now Practice Note 8 (PN8) assessments.

These assessments have been specifically designed to identify parental behaviours that may place children at risk. Currently, Insight has psychologists in Edmonton, and Calgary that are able to perform these services.

Insight Psychological’s overall assessment may include:

  • A home visit with identification of  potential for child abuse, violence or alcohol and drug abuse
  • Exploration and review of appropriate parenting techniques
  • Personality and parenting testing
  • Parent-child observations
  • References
  • Thorough background history gathering on every party
  • Examination and concluding report on factors pertinent to the welfare and placement of the child (REN) or what risk factors are present.

What is a Custody Assessment?

Child custody and access assessments are required when parents are unable to resolve parenting disputes themselves. Insight’s role is to provide recommendations in setting out a plan for the ongoing care of the child between separated parents. Typically these assessments are based on the number of caregivers and the number of children. Typically, these take between 35-55 hours to complete.

What is a Parental Capacity or Parenting Assessment?

Insight offers parenting capacity assessments in cases where a parent or parents are in dispute with a child welfare agency about their ability to meet the needs of and/or care of their children. These assessments will typically take between 10-18 hours depending on the requirements of the court or needs.

To get a quote or to schedule a parental/custody assessment with one of Insight’s qualified assessors, please visit our contact page or call us today.