Custody Access & Parental Assessments

A mother and father kiss their child on the cheek at the same time

What is a parental assessment?

There are several types of parenting assessments and those involving child custody. A parental assessment looks at the dynamics between a parent and their child/children and typically assess the parent’s mental health, parenting ability, and parental capacity.

Parental assessments can be obtained privately or are commonly requested by Child and Family Services.

Privately, assessments can be done to evaluate your parenting techniques, parenting philosophy, ability, and any mental health or parenting-related questions. The information gathered can be useful for self-reflection and personal growth, benefitting you, your child/children, and your entire family.

Sometimes a parental assessment is ordered privately in preparation for a divorce.

Formal family forensic assessments can help to identify or answer a particular question requested by the court which may include strengths and weaknesses, voices of the child or children or decisions regarding custody and access and parenting.   While assessments can vary from individual to individual and case to case most times they include testing, interviews, observation, and consultation with one of Insight’s trained professionals.

What custody assessments are available?

Types of custody access assessments include:

A SAFE (Structured Assessment Family Evaluation) is a home-study report ordered by the government, and conducted by home assessors, in cases where a family is applying for kinship, adoption, foster parenting, or private guardianship.

To learn more about booking a custody access and parental assessment, please call 780-461-1717. We recognize that each individual has different needs and our intake and admin specialists will be able to provide you with an estimated quote and timeline for your assessment.