Insight Psychological - Assessments

Why Have An Assessment?

We strongly believe that assessments are helpful in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and will lead to recommendations for both behavioural and academic intervention. With the use of assessments, we can identify problems that can be used to assist individuals to better themselves.

Psychological assessments evaluate your learning, thinking and behaviour. Assessments can vary from individual to individual however, they most times include testing, interviews, observation and consultation with one of Insight’s trained professionals.


Career & Employment

For Individuals and Employers

There are a variety of evaluation programs available to assist individuals in discovering their vocational interests and aptitudes. Insight works with clients to establish specific educational goals and/or a gratifying career path. For employers, career assessments can help to reduce employee turnover, help in hiring “right” the first time, and improve customer satisfaction. Return to work assessments explores the mental health and psychological readiness for an individual to return to their previous employment before their absence…

Developmental Disabilities & Behaviour

Diagnosis of Developmental & Behaviour Disorders

When attempting to understand developmental and behavioural disorders, exploring a psychological assessment can become a critical component in understanding the nuances needed to help adequately diagnoses a specific disorder.

Custody Access & Parental

PN7, PN8, and Parental Assessments

Custody access and parental assessments are designed to examine the dynamics of parent-child interactions. Sometimes these assessments are called a Practice note 7 (PN7) or now Practice note 8 (PN8) assessments. These assessments have been specifically designed to…


Experienced Expert Opinion

Forensic assessments represent the relationship between psychology and law. In many cases, psychologists are called upon to render their expert opinion needed for legal determination. Psychological testing provides a needed level of objectivity and accuracy to obtain fair and just legal decisions in court…

Gifted/Intellectually Advanced

Intellectually Advanced Assessments

Insight regularly completes assessments for gifted educational programs as many children may require, and benefit from, specialized programming to help supplement or enhance their academic, social and emotional needs. Some schools require independent intellectual assessments to confirm advanced academic skills…


Assessing Autism Spectrum Disorder

There are multiple tests used to assess or diagnose ASD. Insight can administer these tests. In addition to diagnosis, you may be seeking support for your child or yourself, if you have or suspect you have ASD.

Mental Health

Assessments for common mental health disorders

Assessments for mental health issues are useful in diagnosing mental health disorders and helps you and your therapist to develop a strategy to manage or overcome mental health conditions…


Tests related to aspects of learning and academia

The interest in one’s intelligence dates back thousands of years. An intelligence assessment or “IQ Test” is a score derived from one of several different standardized tests. Insight offers a wide range or intelligence, educational capacity, aptitude and memory testing to residents of Alberta…


Assessments for sexual functioning

Assessments are an important tool used to diagnose sexual disorders. Sexual function issues can escalate to become a sexual disorder…


Assessment for ADHD

Attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) assessments are a series of tests designed to help you recognize and understand the extent to which symptoms such as inattention are affecting your everyday functioning.

Functional Capacity

Assessment for Functional Capacity

These assessments provide comprehensive information about one’s functional emotional, mental, and behavioural abilities. Completed by psychologists, our capacity assessments utilize standardized, evidence-based psychometric tests, which allow for an objective understanding of an individual’s current level of functioning.