Solution Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy is a post-modern model of psychotherapy that grew out of the work of Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer in the late 1970s. This therapeutic approach views people as inherently strong and resilient, and capable of creating change and discovering solutions to their everyday problems. People are thought to know what they want and need in life, and are considered to be experts in their own lives.

Solution-focused therapy views problems as normal life-cycle complications that become overwhelming for people and seem to be always happening. Although it is important to clarify the problem, solution-focused therapists do not think it is necessary to know what caused the problem in order to find solutions or to make things better.

Solution-focused therapists assist people in recognizing what is already working in their lives, and support them in creating preferred realities for their future through future-oriented conversations and exploring how things can be different. This model of therapy emphasizes the importance of exploring people’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, and creating realistic and achievable goals that will lead to lasting change in people’s lives.

Insight is proud to offer Solution focused Therapists in our Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer locations.