Master Clinician Training Program Alberta

five people in the master clinician training program

In early 2019, four psychology agencies based in and around Edmonton Kells Counselling, Insight Psychological, Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy, and Cornerstone Counselling banded together to create EPIC – The Expert Psychological Interagency Clinical Network. The four agencies share common goals and business models, and value the opinions of each other’s management teams. The Network’s main goals are to promote the benefits of psychology in the Edmonton area and help all Albertans access psychological care. With these lofty goals, the founders of EPIC knew they had to put together a high-level training program to attract and retain the brightest up and coming minds in the industry.

Throughout 2020, the teams worked together to combine decades of expert knowledge with years of successful training programs to create the EPIC Master Clinician Training Program. The training is hands on, relevant, and practical.

The first level of training is geared towards graduate level clinicians – student therapists, assessment clinicians, and psychology assistants. It focuses on incorporating theories learned in school into real world practice situations. The monthly training sessions are taught by senior psychologists from the four EPIC agencies.

The second level of training is relevant for provisional psychologists. It covers, in detail, how to best balance gaining valuable work experience while studying and writing the LEAP and EPPP exams. This training gives current, practical advice from registered psychologists that recently completed their provisional tenure.

The final level of training is for those new to the business: registered psychologists that are just starting their careers. The training is agency specific, yet still covers best practices on running a psychology practice. The founders of EPIC have many years of business experience that they willingly share with the newest psychologists in their offices.

After investing in the EPIC Master Clinician Training Program, EPIC hopes psychologists will be able to offer the highest standard of care for clients.

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