Our Community Care Efforts

Insight sees itself as an impacting and impacted member of the community. We are especially grateful to the communities we serve – for their vote of confidence and trust in our ability to care for their loved ones all these years. In return, we try our best to give back to the communities, in ways that we can and in hope that our efforts could make a difference.

The following are highlights of some of our Community Care initiatives over the past few years:

Annual Alberta Mentally Strong Campaign

In 2021, Insight launched its inaugural Alberta Mentally Strong Campaign, with a mission to 1) bust the negative stigma associated with getting mental health care when in need and 2) engage Albertans to help one another stay mentally strong in times of challenge.

For 2021, the campaign showcased and brought attention as well as financial support to 8 amazing Alberta charity partners that work hard to help Albertans stay safe and mentally strong. The campaign was launched in Oct 2021 and as of Dec 15th (the end of the campaign), we have reached over 11,000 people and gained nearly 200 responses. While these numbers are not very big at this first go-around, it is a significant first step towards bringing more Albertans together for meaningful conversations and actions to build mental resiliency in times of difficulty. For our 2021 AMS Campaign video, click HERE

For our 2022 campaign, we supported the mental health charitable organization Canadian Mental Health Association – Alberta Division (CMHA). Our 2022 campaign helped raise awareness and $1700 in funds for the zero-cost mental health services that CMHA. Heading into 2023, we are ready to raise even more support for a charitable organization raising the bar in its services for Albertans’ mental health. To view our 2022 AMS Campaign video, click HERE.

Smash the Finals Stress Campaign

In 2022, Insight is sponsoring 150 hours of FREE counselling for post-secondary students across Alberta, with our Master’s level practicum therapists. The campaign is running from Nov 25th, 2022 to December 18th, 2022 – the period before and during exam finals. For students, the weeks before and during finals are the most psychologically-taxing.  They may be highly stressed and may feel more irritable, frustrated, impatient, anxious, and dreadful, even over minor things. The goal of the campaign is to help Alberta post-secondary students who need but cannot afford good-quality mental health care in their most stressful time.

Asian Mental Health Campaign

In February 2022, Insight ran its Lunar New Year Campaign, bringing attention to the issue of escalating anti-Asian racism and hate crime. The campaign showcased the work of Asian Gold Ribbon (a strong voice for anti-Asian racism) and sought to amplify Asian voices, educate the public, raise awareness of the challenges facing Asian-Canadians, and provide resources to help the cause. For our campaign video on the subject of Mental Health in the Asian Community, click HERE 


In summer 2021, Insight launched MyPsychPulse, a comprehensive 11-area mental health and work stress scan that: 1) helps individuals gain a better understanding of their current mental health condition, so that they can seek further support where needed, and 2) helps employers gauge the collective mental health condition of their employees, so that they can develop targeted solutions to address the risks identified and build a healthy work environment. In 2021 and early 2022, Insight gave close to 7500 MyPsychPulse mental health and work stress screens (value of over $225,000), free of charge to clients, employers, professional associations, and the general public. 

Up the Rabbit Hole Sex and Gender Education Podcast

In December 2020, Insight launched ‘Up the Rabbit Hole’, a sex and gender education podcast to increase awareness and tackle harmful misconceptions in sex and gender issues. To listen to episodes of the podcast, click HERE

Reduced Cost Program

Insight provides an ongoing reduced cost service program (when most private service providers have stopped doing so) to low-income individuals/families that would otherwise not be able to afford psychological care. Each year, Insight provides tens of thousands in fee reductions to individuals and families that would otherwise not be able to start or continue mental health care.

Underrepresented Group Supports

Insight provides $2,000 to $5,000 in direct financial, material, and other support to a multitude of community programs and causes that focus on mental wellness and the wellness of women, children, and LGBTQ+ members.

Leaders in Mental Health Education and Awareness

Insight works with various community partners, provides community education as well as participates in media engagements and advocacy undertakings to decrease stigma of mental illness, increase access to mental health care, and promote mental health, sexual health, and gender diversity. Each year, Insight’s therapists participate in different media and community awareness events and the following is a small sample of those:

CBC Edmonton – Checking in on Our Alcohol Assumption During the Pandemic

Global News – Coping with Tragedy and Talking to Your Kids About It

REACH Edmonton – Impact of High Use Pornography and Cyber Sex

Edmonton Journal – Dangers of High Porn Use

630 CHED Ryan Jaspersen Show – Romance and Intimacy 

Expert Psychologists Interagency Clinical Network (EPIC)

Insight co-founded a multi-agency alliance called Expert Psychologists Interagency Clinical Network (EPIC) that joins forces, voices, and resources to i) strengthen our clinical, operational, and business practices and ii) advocate for better access to mental health care in Alberta. In Nov 2019, Insight and its EPIC partners launched a grassroots petition to the Alberta government and met with government official to advocate for more diversified funding that would enable better access to psychological services for all Albertans. To date, almost 20,000 signatures have been collected and EPIC has arranged for this petition to be tabled in the Alberta Legislature in March of 2021. It is Insight’s hope that our collective effort will eventually bring about improved access to mental health care for all Albertans, regardless of their socio-economic status. PETITION: https://epicpsychology.net/initiatives/