Gifted / Intellectually Advanced Assessments

Insight Psychological has been doing psychoeducational assessments for more than twenty years for both private and school divisions.

Insight’s assessors also regularly complete assessments for gifted educational programs as many children may require and benefit from specialized programming to help supplement or enhance their academic, social and emotional needs. Some particular schools provide specialized programming and require independent intellectual assessments to confirm their advanced intellectual or academic skills.

Specific tests

The most common tests used to assess these intellectual skills are the WISC-V or the WPPSI-IV. However, we do have additional intellectual testing options which can include the cognitive assessment system (CAS). Additionally, some schools require an academic evaluation which can also include the WIAT-III or the KTEA, all which insight possesses and regularly use.


Insight’s gifted assessments can provide a level of comprehensive information and recommendations which can be used to make informed educational decisions for their children, allowing children to ultimately reach their full potential


Our debrief and final report ultimately provides a parent with all of the information necessary for their application to any particular gifted program or educational planning decisions.

Particular Programs

In Calgary we have done work for entrance into both Westmount Charter School and the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs. In the Edmonton are we have we have done assessments for the Buffalo Trails School Division, for the EPSB on a private basis, and New Horizons gifted program.

Calgary Area

  • If you are applying to the Westmount Charter School, please schedule your child’s assessment between September and early November. This will allow enough time to the application deadline.
  • If you are applying for the Gifted and Talented Education program , please schedule the testing between September and January. This will allow for completion of everything in time for the application deadline.

Edmonton Area

  • If you are applying to the New Horizons program, please visit their website to learn about application deadlines and the best times to start assessments at Insight.