The Ying, Yang and Focused Care

Insight Corporate’s solutions address 3 core priorities:

  1. Help organizations assess and address organizational risks that affect employee mental health and performance.
  2. Provide advanced and specialized support to employees with complex mental health issues and/or in high impact jobs.
  3. Equip leaders with assistance and support to navigate difficult workplace mental health issues, deal with mental health cases, mitigate risks as well as strengthen their own wellness and resilience.

Healthy and effective employees and leaders operating in a healthy and effective organizational system contribute directly to the organization’s ability to stay productive, innovative, and successful.

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Workplace Psychological Wellness Blog

Our knowledgeable team of therapists and associates share their insight on business management and ownership.

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Facilitated Self Care

Stay Tuned for the Launch of our Innovative Tools!

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Featured Corporate Associate

Learn more about Corporate Specialist, Dr. Hendriatta Wong.

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