Sex Therapy

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is the treatment of sexual dysfunction and also includes working with concerns about sexual feelings and intimacy, less common alternative sexual practices, kink, gender issues, sexual offending issues, or work on optimizing or exploring new experiences.

Simply put, sex therapy is the treatment and exploration of sexual dysfunction and optimal functioning.

How does sex therapy work?

Sex therapy is usually provided by psychologists, social workers, physicians, or licensed therapists who have specialized training in issues related to sexuality and relationships. Certified Sex Therapists have graduate degrees and have demonstrated their competence in sex therapy by becoming credentialed by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

Sex therapy is one of our primary areas of specialty at Insight, so we have AASECT  certified therapists (or those in the process of obtaining certification) and therapists with specializations in this area ready to assist you. Please note, Certified Sex Therapists do not have sexual contact with clients.

Sex therapy can be effective for individuals of any age, gender, sex, sexual experience, or sexual orientation.

Questions surrounding sex therapy:

People have common questions or thoughts that may lead you to seek the support of a sex therapist, such as:

  • How can I revive my partner’s declining sexual interest?
  • How can I make lovemaking more intimate?
  • How can I tune in to what my partner wants?
  • How can we bring back our sexual desire?
  • Do I have a sexual problem?
  • Are my children or I at risk of being sexually abused or assaulted?
  • What should I teach my children about sexuality?
  • What is stopping me from enjoying a healthy sex life?
  • What is my gender orientation or preference?
  • How is my history of sexual abuse impacting me now?
  • Is my Kink a problem or am I mentally ill because of what I’m doing?

We can help you to answer many of these questions!

When is sex therapy used?

The most common reason to participate in sex therapy is for the treatment of sexual dysfunction issues such as:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Sexual pain disorders
  • Anorgasmia (the inability to achieve orgasm)
  • Female sexual issues
  • Male sexual issues
  • Sexuality and intimacy issues
  • Coming out
  • Issues arising form alternative sexual behaviours, fetishes or philias
  • LGBTQ2s+ issues
  • Sex compulsion/OCSB
  • Transgender issues

Sex therapy can also involve counselling for sexual offending behaviour, sexual abuse, and trauma.

What to expect from therapy

Put simply, you will get out of therapy what you put into it. It’s not a magic solution that will solve all your problems. It may involve you doing some real work and being completely honest with yourself and your therapist. Sometimes facing our truth is the hardest thing of all – but from that discomfort can come healing and growth.

Insight’s therapists are available for in-person, online, or telephone counselling at many locations in Alberta. Contact us to learn more.


Brooke Hendricks

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Assessments

Dr. Yvonne Hindes



Loriann Quinlan

Edmonton South, Edmonton West, Online Counselling

Adults, Seniors

Brandi Enns

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Adolescents (13-17), Families, LGBTQ community, Sexuality, Assessments

Navpreet Johal

Calgary, Online Counselling

Adults, Adolescents (13-17), LGBTQ community, Assessments

Sabrina Brady

Edmonton Central, Edmonton North, Online Counselling

Adults, Adolescents (13-17), Seniors, Couples, LGBTQ community, Sexuality, Assessments

Terri Philips

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Children (3-5), Children & Youth (6-12), Adolescents (13-17), LGBTQ community

Nikesha Deenoo

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Children (3-5), Children & Youth (6-12), Adolescents (13-17), Seniors, Families, Couples, Sexuality

Nicole Donovan

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Children & Youth (6-12), Adolescents (13-17)

Kelly Jenny

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Couples, LGBTQ community, Sexuality

Karla Buchholz

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Adolescents (13-17), Seniors, Families, Couples, LGBTQ community, Sexuality

Natalie McMurray

Calgary, Online Counselling

Adults, Couples

Tracy Pham

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Children (3-5), Children & Youth (6-12), Adolescents (13-17), Families, Couples, LGBTQ community, Assessments

Dr. Ivan Murray

Corporate Services

Jaci Freeman

Edmonton South

Adults, Children & Youth (6-12), Adolescents (13-17), Seniors

Aurora Atienza

Edmonton North, Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Adults, Seniors, Families, Couples

Dr. Hendriatta Wong

Corporate Services

Bob Stenhouse

Corporate Services

Shirley Leonard

Corporate Services

Roy Langer

Corporate Services

Shaheel Hooda

Corporate Services

Lisa Standeven

Corporate Services

At this time, Insight Psychological does not have therapists who specialize in this specific area, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you! Please contact us to talk with our Intake Personnel to find a therapist that is a good fit for you and your unique circumstances.