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Shaheel Hooda, Performance Coach/Advisor To Entrepreneurs And Executive Leaders

Succeeding in business is hard – but it doesn’t have to be lonely!

More About Shaheel Hooda

I am a passionate and serial entrepreneur with almost 40 years of business experience that started developing at the age of 8 – the perils of growing up in an entrepreneurial immigrant family. I understand that being an entrepreneur or senior executive can be a very lonely place. You need to exude confidence to the outside world every day while internally battling feelings of insecurity and anxiety which can take a heavy toll. I’ve had the good fortune of being involved in building many companies at various stages, some successfully and others where I’ve made mistakes and learned a great deal. I rarely had someone who could relate to my stresses and challenges, that could problem solve with me or who I could use as a safe sounding board for my concerns. This is what I provide to my high performing, world changing, and often isolated business clients.

I am an experienced business person that can relate to the daily stresses and who understands why you can’t always connect with family members or employees on these matters. I’ve been told by my clients that I have the heart of a teacher, listen carefully and help my clients get to the core of the challenges they experience whether business or personal (which are usually intertwined). I bring my years of experience to my clients in a holistic way to understand and help deal with challenges both analytically and emotionally. I’ve coached over 500 business leaders during the last decade and just like an athlete needs the right coach to help enhance their performance… I’m a performance coach for leaders like you who want to perform at your next level.


Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership and Team Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Skills Gap Identification
  • Growth Strategy and Company Vision Development
  • General Management and Operational Advisory
  • Marketing and Sales Advisory
  • Customer Acquisition and Engagement
  • Organizational Evaluation and Re-design
  • Finance and Capital Access
  • Establishing Corporate and Executive Goals
  • Business Planning


Education and Professional Designation(s)

  • Harvard MBA (Finance and Entrepreneurship)
  • B.Comm (Marketing and Organizational Behaviour)

Additional Certifications and Training

  • Trained at McKinsey & Co., world’s premier management consulting advisory firm to the Fortune 500
  • A certified G.R.O.W. Model business coach

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Recipient of The Entrepreneur Promotion Award from Startup Canada for positively impacting hundreds of clients and promoting a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Won ‘Fast 50’ awards (multiple years) for the speed at which we have been able to grow companies
  • Raised in excess of $100 million for companies I have led or in which I’ve been actively involved
  • Personal experience starting/growing 17 companies ranging from retail to technology, in the US and Canada, the most recent being a software company we’ve grown in value from zero to >$60 million in 5 years


  • A100 (
  • UofA Venture Mentoring Services
  • TEC Edmonton


  • English

My areas of focus:

Corporate Services
  • Business Operation & Development Support
Entrepreneur Care
  • Family Businesses and Succession Difficulties
  • Financial Risk & Security Stress
  • Readiness for Business Startup

Corporate Services

  • Business Operation & Development Support