Sexuality, Intimacy, and Gender Counselling Alberta

We are experts in sexuality, intimacy, and gender, so we created the Amare program. We explore everything to do with the intricacies of love and the challenges that may come with intimacy. We work with patients in healthy heterosexual, same sex, and polyamorous relationships; any and all different sexualities; and binary, non-binary, and fluid genders. Our Amare team is made up of highly experienced therapists, including Certified Sex Therapists.

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What's going on in the world of sex?

Insight's sex therapists share their thoughts on sexuality, intimacy & gender topics.

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Your sex questions answered

Read our answers to some questions about sex, intimacy & gender.

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Listen to our podcast!

Our podcast hosted by Dr. Cory Hrushka and Brandi Enns talks about all things sex and gender!

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