Officially, internet addiction is not a disorder, but symptoms of addiction are exhibited in some individuals. Similar to other kinds of addiction, Internet addiction interferes with one’s lifestyle. An internet addict no longer prioritizes or gives attention to his or her job, relationships, and other responsibilities.

Some signs of Internet Addiction:

  • Cannot control their time spent online
  • Feel more comfortable chatting with online peers or spend hours gaming
  • There is no longer a balance between time spent online and time spent offline
  • Doing productive things on the Internet is no longer a priority


Internet addiction is manifested in several ways.

  • information overload – excessive web surfing that gets in the way of productivity and time with friends and family
  • cybersex and cyber-relationships – uses online pornography and adult chat rooms to replace real life relationship or prioritizing online friends instead of their real life friends and family
  • Net compulsions – compulsive use of online games, auction sites, and stock trading websites

Addicts feel isolated from their real life friends and family, who “do not understand them like their online peers”. Internet addicts sometimes defensive of going online, and ends up hiding their time spent online.

How We Can Help

Insight Psychological’s trained addiction Counsellors can help in the assessment and treatment of potential Internet Addictions. They are trained in special techniques like Cognitive-behavioral therapy which can offer solutions internet addiction. Contact any of Insights locations in Edmonton, Red Deer, Spruce Grove, and Calgary to talk to a therapist that can help with internet addiction


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