Moving From Your Residence

A change of address can be exciting! Maybe you’ve purchased your first home, or you’ve accepted a job in a whole new city, or maybe you’re downsizing and saying goodbye to all that yard work. Whatever the reason, a re-location can be exciting – but is most certainly a lot of work and can come with mixed feelings. If the choice was yours to make the change, you may feel better that you’ve had some control over the decision but also you might be asking yourself “what have I done?” If you feel the choice to move has been made for you (a job transfer, children moved out, etc.) you may be feeling less excited and more sad. Whatever the reason, a move comes with a lot of work and arrangements to be made and sometimes, with a lot of trepidation. Will you like your new place or city? Can you handle the new mortgage or rent payments? Will you miss the old house with all of its memories?

Sometimes the reason for the move may be what’s causing the stress – a career change, growth in your family as you welcome children, a reduction in your family as your children move out on their own, divorce or separation.

When is it time to get help?

If you’re feeling stressed and upset about the move and find that you can’t seem to get started on arrangements, you can’t seem to adjust to your new place, you’re feeling overwhelmed with the work of the move, or can’t let go of your old place (and old life) then it may be time to seek support.

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Treatment Methods

There is no specific treatment for dealing with the change that having a change in residence can bring. Depending on what you’re experiencing (grief, depression, anxiety or more), there are many treatment methods that can be successful – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, and many more. It depends on you and what treatment method best suits your needs and personality. Your therapist will work with you to determine the most effective treatment method for you.

What will I get out of treatment with Insight?

Our therapists will support you and empower you to get through this major change in your life. We can share coping strategies and tools you can use to help you get through this time of transition and help you to meet the challenges that may lie ahead of you. We can assist you in setting realistic goals and timelines for those goals. With support, you can come out of this life-altering transition more resilient and better able to cope with all of life’s changes.