Becoming a Parent or the Addition of Children

Are you expecting the arrival of your first child? Is your spouse or partner pregnant? Are you about to become a step-parent? Are you anticipating an adoption? As any parent can confirm – the addition of a child or becoming a first-time parent is a major life change! And with any change comes some anxiety and trepidation. You may wonder:

  • How will my life change?
  • How will my relationship change?
  • Will I be a good parent?
  • Will the child be accepting of me (if this is a stepchild or adoption)
  • Am I really ready to be a parent?

When is it time to get help?

These questions are normal – being a parent is a big responsibility and it’s healthy to speculate about these things. The reality is that your life will change.  How you navigate these changes is the key. Even the best parents require support from time to time.  Healthy relationships go through challenging times and can benefit from assistance.

If you are having a hard time coping with these questions, or if your ability to participate in daily activities is diminished, or you find yourself coping with unhealthy choices (alcohol, drugs, food, unhealthy relationships, etc.), or if you just want to ease your mind and get some extra support then you might benefit from seeing a therapist.

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Treatment Methods

There is no specific treatment for dealing with the change that being a new parent, or adding children to your family can bring. Depending on what you’re experiencing (grief, depression, anxiety or uncertainty about your career, etc.), there are many treatment methods that can be successful – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, and many more. It depends on you and what treatment method best suits your needs and personality. Your therapist will work with you to determine the most effective treatment method for you.

What will I get out of treatment with Insight?

Our therapists will support you and empower you to get through this major change in your life. We can share coping strategies and tools you can use to help you get through this time of transition and help you to meet the challenges that may lie ahead of you. We can assist you in setting realistic goals and timelines for those goals. With support, you can come out of this life-altering transition more resilient and better able to cope with all of life’s changes.

Insight has many therapists that can support you on this journey. You can book online or call us to set up an appointment for counselling  – in-person, online (video), or telephone.