You’re expecting! How exciting! This could be the best news you’ve ever received – something you’ve always wanted or worked very hard to achieve. Or this could be an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy and feel like the worst news you could receive. Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle or you are vacillating between both ends of the spectrum – even within the same day!

Pregnancy brings a major life change both in the present and in the future.


The changes your physical body is going through and continues to go through in the 9 or so months is nothing short of astounding! You feel different, you move differently. Your eating and sleeping habits are affected and you probably feel kind of lousy some (or most) of the time.  Emotionally, you are dealing with major changes in hormones and the changes in mood and perception that can bring.


There’s no question that the addition of a new baby brings a lot of changes, and for some reason, people who are already parents seem to love to tell you about all the challenges that are to come with that new baby (lack of sleep, lack of spontaneity, loss of freedom, the effect a newborn has on your relationship and the cost of raising children).

Other women also like to share the detailed stories of the births of their children. Naturally, you may have a lot of fear and anxiety about labour and delivery, particularly if this is your first child or if you had a bad experience with previous childbirth.

You may also be anxious about your ability to be a good parent – especially if you had a traumatic childhood or had poor role models, or no role models. Being a new mom is a big responsibility and wondering if you are up for that challenge can feel daunting.

Your relationship with your spouse or partner will also experience a change as the two of you learn how to navigate your romantic relationship as new parents. Alternatively, if you are a single mom, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of raising a child on your own.

When is it time to get help?

Pregnancy brings with it a grab-bag filled with many different emotions and worries, so if you’re experiencing these from time to time, that’s perfectly normal. If you find though, that you are terrified of some of the things you anticipate in the future, experiencing heavy grief for the expected loss of your life as you now know it, or are dealing with past trauma from your childhood that you fear will affect your ability to parent, then you may benefit from seeing a therapist.

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Treatment Methods

There is no specific treatment for dealing with the change that being an expectant mom can bring. Depending on what you’re experiencing (grief, depression, anxiety or uncertainty about your career, etc.), there are many treatment methods that can be successful – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, and many more. It depends on you and what treatment method best suits your needs and personality. Your therapist will work with you to determine the most effective treatment method for you.

What will I get out of treatment with Insight?

Our therapists will support you and empower you to get through this major change in your life. We can share coping strategies and tools you can use to help you get through this time of transition and help you to meet the challenges that may lie ahead of you. We can assist you in setting realistic goals and timelines for those goals. With support, you can come out of this life-altering transition more resilient and better able to cope with all of life’s changes.