Stepfamily Adjustment

It can be tricky for two families to combine into one successful one, particularly if there are children on both sides. The “Brady Bunch” was an extreme example of a successful blended family, but it is not realistic. Often, the children involved might have issues adjusting to their new surroundings, new school, new stepparent and new siblings. The new stepparent is also faced with a lot of changes. This can lead to a number of hurdles for everyone who is a part of the newly blended family.

Some issues brought about by combining families can include:

  • Feelings of unfairness or inadequacy
  • Arguments or physical altercations between new siblings
  • Issues brought about by moving into a new house or neighbourhoods
  • Problems after changing schools
  • Issues making new friends
  • Anger towards the new stepparent
  • Trouble parenting stepchildren
  • Mood swings or other behavioural changes

How we can help

Stepfamilies may need to go through an adjustment process that can involve talk therapy and other means of improving communication. It may also be necessary for one or more of the children involved to go through individual therapy, such as play therapy. An evaluation conducted by a licensed therapist should be done in order to determine the best methods for each family member.

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