Art Therapy

Through Art Therapy the client uses their imagination to approach and explore their emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

This therapeutic approach has been used to help individuals in Edmonton, Calgary, and indeed, all over the world cope with and /or overcome addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse issues (verbal, nonverbal, physical, emotional, and psychological) and other psychological barriers.

Art Therapy has been known to strength one’s resolve, giving them the basic strength to overcome life’s adversities. The mind is capable of projecting the nonverbal and/or unspoken pains into this therapeutic approach to health. Art therapy is capable of providing one with the necessary tools to uncover their own basic needs.

Art has the ability to promote individuals self-esteem, and to dig deeper into their unspoken perceptions of self. Art Therapy can be used with a variety of clients, from both the young and the old. The therapist should always explain why and what they hope to obtain through this approach. Furthermore, the therapist should always give the client feedback to their art. The mediums vary depending upon the clinic and the therapist; they may include crayons, pencils, paints, clays, and so forth.

Why Art Therapy?

Young people and people with developmental delays, when their motor skills exceed their verbal skills, get more out of art therapy than talk-only. Besides being well suited for this population group, art therapy can be beneficial to the rest of us too, by externalizing our difficult issues, accessing our sub-conscious through art, then bringing it to the forefront, with the help of the art therapist. There is talking at the end of art therapy sessions for the artist to discuss the meanings they draw from their creation.