Paranoid Personality Disorder

Paranoid personality disorder is a psychological disorder characterized primarily by having an extreme distrust of all people. It is different from the paranoid tendencies of someone with schizophrenia or shizotypal disorder in that the paranoia does not coexist with or seem to be caused by hallucinations, fantasies or delusions.

Symptoms of paranoid personality disorder include:

  • Consistently holding grudges
  • Suspicious of the sexual infidelity of a loved one
  • Extreme sensitivity to criticism or minor slights
  • Misunderstanding others friendly actions to be hostile

Paranoid personality disorder can be treated. One of Insight Psychological’s trained counsellors will first conduct an assessment, and then treatment methods will be discussed. Call one of our six locations to make an appointment. We have offices in Calgary, Edmonton South, Edmonton North, Edmonton Central,  Red Deer, and Spruce Grove.