Psychotherapy is a broad term that encompasses numerous styles of therapy, and employs verbal or nonverbal communication with a patient to help treat psychiatric problems, behavioral issues, personality disorders, and various other types of emotional distress.

This form of personal counselling is based on an interpersonal relationship, as opposed to the alternative chemical or physical forms of therapy.

As the therapist creates dialogue, the individual is able to learn more about his or her moods, behavior, feelings, and thoughts. Understanding these factors allows the patient to control their life and handle certain situations healthily.

Psychotherapy is a general term for different types of therapy (CBT, Gestalt, RET, Solution-focused, etc.). The kind applied to a person will depend on his or her condition. This will give your counsellor more time to assess the situation.

Psychotherapy is recommended particularly to those suffering from the following:

Additional forms of stress may include the following:

If you have gone through any of these events, you can address the issue(s) through psychotherapy.

Our therapists in Calgary, Edmonton, and across Alberta combine a variation of techniques based on their assessment of the issue. Such techniques may be derived from:

  • interpersonal therapy (deals with the client’s present relationships and improving one’s interpersonal skills.)
  • solution-focused therapy (focuses on the “here and now” and assists the client in creating a preferred reality for the future by focusing on strengths, resources, and exceptions to the problem.)
  • family therapy (family therapy applies to families that are facing conflict, helping them communicate better with one another, and improve relationships.)
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (cognitive behavioural therapy deals with replacing negative practices and beliefs with positive ones.)

Couples facing marital problems can also use psychotherapy as their form of marriage counselling. Through couples therapy, married or committed partners can improve their communication and learn to argue in a healthy manner. For individuals confused with their past, psychoanalysis allows them to recall events and feelings from before to better grasp their present situation.