Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder is usually diagnosed in children and teenagers. It is characterized by extreme behaviours that occur for a 6 months or more. The behavioural issues interfere normal family life, and can be either disruptive, violent, or both. On top of the standard groups of symptoms, those with conduct disorder can have low self-worth, frequent temper tantrums, and may be at risk for future drug and alcohol abuse.

The four main groups of symptoms that can indicate conduct disorder are:


  • Rule violating – purposefully ignoring societal behavioural rules, or acting-out that go far beyond the norm for the child’s age
  • Willful destruction – committing acts of vandalism, arson etc.
  • Use of aggression – using weapons, starting fights, cruelty to animals, bullying
  • Deceitful acts – lying, shoplifting and/or breaking into vehicles


There are treatment options available for Conduct Disorder however, an assessment must be done first in order to rule out any other potential causes. The trained counsellors at Insight Psychological can help! Contact one of our six Alberta locations to get help.