Sexual Offending Behaviours

When an individual crosses the legal line or has a strong desire to cross the line of engaging in illegal sexual behaviour, counselling and support becomes crucial to help not only those potentially being impacted by the behaviour but also to help decrease the risk for offending or re-offending.

Insight has psychologists and AASECT certified sex therapists who are specially trained for working in this area and with these issues.

Some of these issues can include:

Perpetrators of problematic behaviour such as:

  • Sexual contact with minors
  • Offending and nonoffending (virtuous)
    • Pedophilia (sexual preference and arousal for children usually under 13 years)
    • Hebephilia (sexual preference for prepubescent children ages 11-14 years)
    • Ephebophilia (sexual preference for adolescent children ages 15 – 19 years)
  • Frotteurism (touching or rubbing your genitals up against an individual without their consent)
  • Voyeurism (sexual arousal from watching unsuspecting people undress and/or engage in sexual activity)
  • Exhibitionism (exposing your genitals to nonconsenting people or the desire to be observed during sexual activity)
  • Obscene phone calls

When is it time to get help?

If you are having thoughts or feelings about the problematic behaviours listed above, or if you’ve already acted on your urges, it is time to get help. Insights Psychologists and AASECT sex therapists are comfortable working with these issues as well as assessing these issues from a forensic lens (see forensic risk assessments under our assessment section).

Sexual offending behaviours treatment methods

There are advancements in treatment for sexual offenders or those with an urge to offend. Your therapist can determine the best course of action for your particular circumstance. Typical treatments include:

  • Behaviour therapy tends to view human beings and behaviour with the assumption that humans are a product of their sociocultural conditioning and environment, looking at the current problems and the factors influencing them and emphasizes behaviour changes more than the underlying unconscious processes.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based approach to treatment that focuses on how people’s thoughts, emotions, and beliefs influence their behaviour and how they perceive themselves.
  • Sex therapy is the treatment of sexual dysfunction and also includes working with concerns about sexual feelings and intimacy, less common alternative sexual practices, kink, gender issues, sexual offending issues, or work on optimizing or exploring new experiences. Sex therapy can also include distressing sexual behaviour, sexual abuse, and trauma.
  • Solution focused therapy views people as inherently strong and resilient, and capable of creating change and discovering solutions to their everyday problem.

What will I get out of treatment with Insight Psychological?

We are here not to judge but to support. You can talk with a therapist and engage in a treatment method that can alleviate and control your sexual offending behaviours.

We can help you with this issue – contact us today!


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At this time, Insight Psychological does not have therapists who specialize in this specific area, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you! Please contact us to talk with our Intake Personnel to find a therapist that is a good fit for you and your unique circumstances.