What does a sex therapist do?


If you are experiencing problems with sexual performance or relationships and are thinking about consulting a sex therapist, Insight Psychological can provide you with professional and knowledgeable counselors in Edmonton.

Sex therapists are trained and qualified psychiatrists, psychologists or clinical social workers who specialize in human sexuality. They discuss issues such as masturbation, erectile dysfunction, orgasm issues or any other difficulties an individual or couple is experiencing. Sex therapy is simply a form of psychotherapy or counseling that emphasis sexual difficulties rather than mental problems.

Sex Therapy and Insight

Insight Psychological offers counselors who will competently assist you by addressing your sexual issues in a straightforward and compassionate manner. Additionally,  many of our therapists also possess more knowledge concerning the physiology of human sexuality which can facilitate the answers to any questions you may have about sex.

Insight is proud to offer professionals who skillfully mediate communication issues that couples have regarding sex by asking questions about problems about which you and your significant other may be reluctant to discuss. During sessions, our sex therapists will delve into extremely personal matters involving your sexuality and may also give you and your partner exercises to do at home which are meant to help eliminate the problem.

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