Insomnia is sleep disorder where the sufferer is unable to fall asleep or stay asleep for a healthy amount of time. Insomniacs may have continuous trouble falling asleep, and once sleep occurs, may wake up multiple times or wake up extremely early and be unable to fall back asleep. Over a long period of time, Insomnia can cause physical and mental fatigue, as well as double vision and hallucinations. Insomnia may also be a sign or symptom of a other mental or physical issues.

There are three different types of Insomnia. They are:

  • Transient Insomnia – Similar to sleep deprivation,  consists of trouble sleeping for no more than 7 days in a row
  • Acute (Short-Term or Stress Related) Insomnia –  which consists of lack of sleep for up to 30 days at one time
  • Chronic Insomnia – lasts for longer than a month and can be accompanied by more severe symptoms such as double vision, fatigue, or hallucinations.


In some cases, Insomnia is caused by anxiety or stress; in others, it may be caused by a physical or other mental disorder. In order to treat Insomnia, its cause must first be determined. This is done by undergoing a full assessment by a licensed therapist. If you’re ready to get treatment for your Insomnia, please call Insight Psychological today!