Crucible Approach (David Schnarch) Therapy Model

Crucible® Therapy or the Crucible approach is an integrated therapeutic approach started out as an integrated treatment for sex, intimacy, and relationship problems.

It was developed by Dr. David Schnarch and differs significantly from traditional models integrating both sex therapy and effective marital therapy.

Focus of Therapy

One of the main focuses is on helping clients reach their sexual potential by increasing their overall capacity for both intimacy and passion while at the same time resolving any of their unresolved sexual problems. Additionally, the crucible approach emphasizes personal growth and the family therapy concept called Differentiation, which originally came from Bowenian family therapy.

Differentiation focuses on helping individuals tolerate anxiety while facing issues head on, all the while improving their ability to self soothe while they hear and say difficult things.

Differentiation also involves improving the ability to hold onto one’s self while maintaining the relationship. This also requires the ability to balance the self with the other.

Other Concepts

Other main concepts identified in Crucible focused Therapy are Emotional gridlock, which occurs when individuals cannot agree to disagree and feel that they can no longer compromise, Normal Marital Sadism, Self and Other Validated Intimacy, Collaborative Alliance and Anxiety regulation through accommodation.

By using these concepts, the therapist will ultimately push couples outside of their comfort zone and develop new comfort zones by becoming emotionally mature.

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