Issues Related to Bullying

Bullying has unfortunately become an all too common occurrence in schools everywhere, and can have a lasting impact for the victim. Whether you or someone you love are currently being bullied, or have been bullied in the past with lasting psychological effects, a trained therapist can help you explore options to ease the burden.

Some signs include:

  • Being withdrawn from everyday life
  • Fear of attending school, work or other events where the bully may be present
  • Misplaced aggression towards other people or family pets
  • Openly or secretly planning revenge
  • Attempting to overhaul one’s looks or life to blend in
  • Avoiding situations or changing ones job, school or habits to avoid the bully

How we can help

Although school authorities can take steps to stop the bullying once it has started, the psychological scars can linger long after the abuse occurred.

A number of different therapeutic techniques can be used. Insight Psychological has four convenient locations in order to better serve you and your mental health needs.

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