Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is a serious eating disorder that involves binging and purging. The binge consists of stuffing oneself with a large amount of food – usually foods deemed “forbidden” by the sufferer – in a short amount of time, then purging the food from the body before digestion can occur. The purging can be done by either taking laxatives or diuretics, extreme exercise, or, most commonly, by self induced vomiting.

Symptoms of bulimia nervosa include:

  • Feeling the need to be physically perfect
  • Believing that one is overweight when in fact one is of normal weight or underweight
  • Having low self esteem and/or suffering from depression
  • Weight fluctuations


Bulimia nervosa can lead to death if not treated, so if you suspect that your loved one has the condition, it is recommended to seek treatment immediately. An assessment must be completed in order to determine which treatments will work best.

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