Trichotillomania is the overwhelming impulse to pull out all of the hairs on your body and scalp. This disorder is often triggered by social factors, stress, or other emotional issues in the sufferer’s life. Trichotillomania usually begins onset at the ages of 9-13, but can be seen in younger children. It is possible for some sufferer’s to feel a sense of relief or satisfaction from removing the hair, others may not even be conscious of what they are doing while they pull at their hair. This disorder is believed to lie on the obsessive compulsive disorder spectrum.

Symptoms of trichotillomania are:

  • The compulsive urge to remove hairs from the body
  • Going into a trance-like state when removing the hairs
  • Unusual patterns of hair growth caused by the “pulling”
  • Not remembering the “pulling” after having done it


Trichotillomania can be hard to treat, although habit reversal training and pharmacology have been known to work. There are other psychotherapies that may help as well. In order to determine the best treatments, an assessment must be done by a licensed therapist, such as the ones at Insight Psychological. Call us today in order to make an appointment.