Parenting Issues & Support

Yes, sometimes parenting does not always come naturally.

It is often the case that a parent comes upon a situation that they have little experience dealing with, and subsequently are uncertain as to what the ‘best’ way of dealing with this situation may be.

Whatever the case, these and other issues (and the associated stress) can make parenting harder than it should be.

Some of the issues and symptoms include:

  • Fear of your child
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Having more questions than answers
  • Uncontrollable children
  • Depression
  • Not knowing how to proceed with disciplinary measures
  • Feeling the need to be perfect


How we can help

Solving parenting issues can be a multi-step process than involves talk therapy to work, as well as parenting classes or other forms of training. An evaluation completed by a licensed counsellor in order to come up with a therapy plan is the first step in the process.

If you’re ready to work through parenting hurdles, please call Insight Psychological today. We have offices in four locations – Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary and Spruce Grove.