Jungian Therapy

Jungian therapy, sometimes also called Jungian analysis is a form of therapy that explores both personal and professional problems that has some of its original history connected to Psychodynamic theory from Freud until Carl Jung branched off.

Unlike Freudian psychoanalysis, the factor of a good relationship with the client was quite important, even though it still explored the understanding of an individual’s psyche.


One of the main concepts discussed by Jung is the concept of Collective Unconscious which involves a group of archetypes that is common in all of humanity and sometimes seen in great myths. Some of these include the archetypes of the Mother or Father, the Child, the Hero, the Magician and the Sage and also involve topics of love, sex, marriage, and even what is known as the shadow, or the darker sides of ourselves.


Jungian therapy understands change as a process that unfolds in different stages, which sometimes leads to conflict. Part of therapy is to understanding and measure these difficulties or disturbances and then come to terms with them rather than be run by them.

Because Jungian therapy tends to strongly utilize archetypes, archetypes are used integrate and explore strengths and weaknesses in order to help improve with Individuation. This first involves separating from old identifications and then joining with those new ones that need to be integrated.

Dream interpretation is also commonly used with some hints of mysticism.

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