Sex therapy is the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is broadly defined as the having of ones sexual behaviors cause significant impairment in ones relationship, job, physical health or mental/emotional health. Is also includes the inability to fully enjoy sexual relations.

Questions surrounding Sexual Therapy 

  • How can I revive my partner’s waning sexual interest?
  • How can I make lovemaking more intimate?
  • How can I tune into what my partner wants?
  • How can we bring back our sexual desire?
  • Do I have a sexual problem?
  • Are my children or I at risk?
  • What should I teach my children about sexuality?
  • What is stopping me from enjoying a healthy sex life?
  • Many of these question can be answered!

Typically, sexual dysfunctions interfere with the sexual response cycle, and make it difficult for a person to enjoy or to have sexual relations in a healthy way. Sexual dysfunction can threaten ones physical health, and can impact ones well-being, bringing on depression, anxiety, addictions and feelings of inadequacy.

Sexual Therapy is one of our primary areas of specialty at Insight, and as such, we have ASSECT certified therapists and sexologists in major cities across Alberta including Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary and even an entire website devoted to the subject.

For more comprehensive information on Sex therapy and all Sexual related issues, please visit us at our Edmonton Sex therapy website below:

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