Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is characterized by recurring panic attacks that can last as little as a few minutes in duration or as long as an hour if there is no intervention. Attacks can be brought on by certain specific situations or can appear to have come from nowhere. Over time, they can occur more often, disrupting the sufferer’s daily life.

Symptoms of panic disorder are:

  • Physical symptoms: rapid heartbeat, sweating, weakness, chest pain, numb hands and feet, and stomach upset
  • Worrying about when the panic attack will appear
  • Avoiding all places where panic attacks have previously occurred

A panic attack can be treated by talk or behavioural therapy, although there are other methods to choose from as well. In order to choose the best options for your needs, a licensed therapist must first conduct a full assessment. If you’re ready to deal with your panic disorder, please call Insight Psychological today.