Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative identity disorder – previously known as multiple personality disorder – occurs when one person has at least two distinct identities control the sufferer’s actions. When one identity is in control, the other does not what is going on, and does not remember what happened during that time period. This disorder is rather rare, and the exact cause of it is not fully known, although some associate it with extreme childhood traumas.

Symptoms of dissociative identity disorder are:

  • Memory loss that is not caused by any physical trauma or disorders, and it outside of explainable forgetfulness
  • The clear presence of two or more distinct identities
  • Hallucinations, either auditory or visual

The treatments for dissociative identity disorder can be complex. At Insight Psychological, an assessment will be conducted by a licensed therapist in order to determine the extent of the dissociative identity disorder before treatments will be discussed and decided upon. Please call us today to make an appointment. We have five convenient locations: Edmonton North, Edmonton South, Calgary, Spruce Grove and Red Deer.