Meet our newest Practicum Intern Therapists!

Fall means a new group of practicum student interns have joined our team at our Edmonton and Calgary locations.

As a commitment to our community, Insight Psychological offers Master’s level practicum and post-practicum student therapists who are able to provide economically accessible psychotherapy treatment services at a greatly reduced, flat rate of $100 for each one-hour session.

Learn more about these bright and capable therapists:

Coralee Thomas (Edmonton south)

Melanie Bradley (Edmonton south and Edmonton west)

Natalie McMurray (Calgary)

Michelle Johnston (Calgary)

Raelene Tulick (Calgary)

Lesley Xu (Edmonton north)

Veronica Campbell Ramos (Edmonton south)

Cynthia Mikolas (Edmonton north and Edmonton central)

Karla Buchholz (Edmonton south)

All of these therapists also offer counselling online.


These therapists often have diverse experience and areas of specialty and are all supervised by a senior registered psychologist here at Insight. Each individual therapist may have a specific focus or area of interest but we can treat individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing a range of issues including, but not limited to;

Contact us to learn more or book online with one of our practicum (student) intern therapists.

*PLEASE NOTE: with the reduced fee, since you will see a Practicum Intern (Student) Therapist and the FEES WILL BE NON-REIMBURSEABLE by Extended Health Care Benefit Plans.