MyPsychPulse is brought to you by one of Canada’s fastest growing, multi-award winning psychological care provider, Insight Psychological Inc. and its corporate services division, Insight Corporate Care.

MyPsychPulse is an online premium mental health and work stress scan that:

  • Helps individuals (18 or older) get a better understanding of their current mental health and work stress condition, so that they can seek further assessment, support, and/or intervention where applicable, in order to stay healthy and productive.
  • Helps organizations gauge the collective mental health and work stress condition of their employees/members, so that they can develop targeted strategies, programs, and solutions to address risks and concerns identified.

MyPsychPulse scans for 12 different areas including: work stress & mental injury, sleep issues, anxiety, problematic or excessive behaviour…and more!

What is the benefit?

By having your employees or members complete this mental health and work stress screen, you are taking a critical first or additional step towards identifying specific mental health and work stress concerns in your workplace that may need to be addressed. Our team of mental wellness and psychological safety experts stand ready to support and assist you in taking the next step towards addressing key issues and building a work environment that is healthy, safe, and productive.

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