5 Tips to Help with Social Anxiety

Posted on 04/01/2024 in Anxiety

In a world fueled by social connections, navigating social situations can be challenging for those dealing with social anxiety. The worry about others' perceptions and the resulting unease can make it difficult to engage comfortably. This blog post aims to provide five practical tips for overcoming social anxiety and cultivating a more fulfilling social life. 1. Try Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Among the various psychotherapeutic approaches, cognitive-behavioural therapy stands out as a valuable method for addressing social anxiety. This form of therapy involves restructuring thoughts and emotions related to a situation, ultimately leading to behavioural modifications. It is important to recognize… Read More Here!


9 Strategies for Managing Stress in University: A Student’s Guide

Posted on 30/05/2023 in Anxiety, Stress Management, University

Embarking on your university experience can be exciting as you will have the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds, make new friends, learn new things, and study an area of interest in more detail. While university can be exciting, it can also come with a fair share of stress and challenges that one has to work through.  University brings on a fast-paced and demanding environment where it is crucial to be able to develop effective strategies to be able to deal with stress. This can help create a more balanced, exciting, and rewarding experience for yourself. This blog… Read More Here!


5 Tips for Mental Health Issues Asian Immigrants are Facing

Posted on 17/05/2023 in Anxiety, Depression, Family Issues, Stress Management

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a rise in anti-Asian hate across North America. Asians, like individuals from any other ethnic or cultural group, can experience a range of mental health issues. However, a study conducted in the U.S reports that only 2.2% of first-generation Asian Americans and 3.5% of second-generation Asian Americans seek mental health services. Certain factors, such as cultural influences, social pressures, and access to mental health resources, may contribute to unique experiences within Asian immigrant communities. This article discusses 5 mental health issues Asian immigrants experience and tips for how to respond to the issues.… Read More Here!


5 Tips to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Posted on 30/11/2022 in Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management

While the ‘winter blues’ and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are often mentioned together, SAD more deeply affects the individuals who experience it. SAD is a type of depression that occurs with the shift of the seasons and impacts approximately 15% of Canadians, at least mildly, in their lifetime according to the Canadian Psychological Association 1. SAD is most commonly experienced in the winter months, however, it can also be experienced in any of the other three seasons 2. Regardless of when you experience symptoms of SAD, psychologists at Insight Psychological encourage you to utilize the following 5 tips to cope… Read More Here!


3 Benefits of Virtual Reality-Assisted Therapy

Posted on 14/11/2022 in Anxiety, Tips for Therapy, Uniformed Personnel & First Responders

Rapidly advancing technology offers psychological service professionals an expanding toolkit to aid in their support of clients. At Insight Psychological, psychologists supporting clients who struggle with anxiety or phobias can now utilize the power of virtual reality technology as part of their treatment plan. Considering the novelty of this therapeutic practice, some people may be skeptical of its usefulness compared to the more conventional exposure therapy. However, this practical tool can help dramatically reduce anxiety and phobia symptoms in a psychologically safe environment for the client. In this article, we will discuss three major benefits of receiving virtual reality-assisted therapy.… Read More Here!