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3 Benefits of Virtual Reality-Assisted Therapy

Posted on 14/11/2022 in Anxiety, Tips for Therapy, Uniformed Personnel & First Responders

Rapidly advancing technology offers psychological service professionals an expanding toolkit to aid in their support of clients. At Insight Psychological, psychologists supporting clients who struggle with anxiety or phobias can now utilize the power of virtual reality technology as part of their treatment plan. Considering the novelty of this therapeutic practice, some people may be skeptical of its usefulness compared to the more conventional exposure therapy. However, this practical tool can help dramatically reduce anxiety and phobia symptoms in a psychologically safe environment for the client. In this article, we will discuss three major benefits of receiving virtual reality-assisted therapy.… Read More Here!


Supporting the Families of First Responders

Posted on 19/04/2022 in Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Uniformed Personnel & First Responders

Many loved ones and family members of first responders suffer in silence. There is widespread awareness of the mental health challenges that first responders face today resulting from the stressful nature of their respective occupations. With this awareness comes significant media coverage, research studies, and numerous external supports regarding first responder’s mental health. However, often left out of the conversation is the stress endured by the families and loved ones of first responders. There is a lack of media coverage and public awareness regarding the psychological stress of first responders’ loved ones; further, there is a considerable gap in the… Read More Here!


PTSD in First Responders

Posted on 18/04/2022 in Depression, Stress Management, Uniformed Personnel & First Responders

First responders are a population that is at high risk for developing PTSD symptoms. This is because their job increases the risk of being exposed to potentially traumatic events. In fact, over 80% of first responders have reported experiencing traumatic events on the job, with 10-15% estimated to be diagnosed with PTSD.  Risk Factors Uniformed personnel and first responders are at higher risk for PTSD, but there are other factors that can increase someone’s risk for developing symptoms. These include: Seeing people get hurt or killed Not having a strong support system (family & friends) Having a history of substance… Read More Here!