7 Ways to Master the Growth Mindset for Back-to-School Success

Posted on 31/08/2023 in Children, Parenting, Students, University

As the new school year approaches, the excitement and dread of a new educational journey start to fill the air. Beyond the textbook and assignments lies a hidden realm of psychological factors that significantly impact our success. Hint: our IQ and aptitude scores play very little roles in our academic and personal successes. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, we’re here to help you learn what fixed and growth mindsets are, and how you can use this information to be the best learner you can be while cultivating a culture of perseverance and resilience. Growth vs Fixed Mindsets Fixed… Read More Here!


Vaginismus: Pain with Penetration

Posted on 04/07/2023 in Couples Counselling, Sexual Issues

What is vaginismus? Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, making penetration very painful and often impossible. It can interfere with a person’s ability to have penetrative sex and can even happen anytime anything comes near the vaginal entrance, including tampons and fingers.  It can lead to feelings of hopelessness, as it is not a voluntary condition. There is a global impression that everyone is having sex, so it is also a very isolating condition. Symptoms include pain that usually goes away with withdrawal but not always. This can lead to a loss of sexual desire. In order… Read More Here!


9 Strategies for Managing Stress in University: A Student’s Guide

Posted on 30/05/2023 in Anxiety, Stress Management, University

Embarking on your university experience can be exciting as you will have the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds, make new friends, learn new things, and study an area of interest in more detail. While university can be exciting, it can also come with a fair share of stress and challenges that one has to work through.  University brings on a fast-paced and demanding environment where it is crucial to be able to develop effective strategies to be able to deal with stress. This can help create a more balanced, exciting, and rewarding experience for yourself. This blog… Read More Here!


5 Tips for Mental Health Issues Asian Immigrants are Facing

Posted on 17/05/2023 in Anxiety, Depression, Family Issues, Stress Management

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a rise in anti-Asian hate across North America. Asians, like individuals from any other ethnic or cultural group, can experience a range of mental health issues. However, a study conducted in the U.S reports that only 2.2% of first-generation Asian Americans and 3.5% of second-generation Asian Americans seek mental health services. Certain factors, such as cultural influences, social pressures, and access to mental health resources, may contribute to unique experiences within Asian immigrant communities. This article discusses 5 mental health issues Asian immigrants experience and tips for how to respond to the issues.… Read More Here!


Uncovering the Mystery: What to Expect in a Sex Therapy Session

Posted on 17/03/2023 in Couples Counselling, Sexual Issues

Sex therapy is talk therapy aimed at helping individuals and couples overcome challenges that may negatively affect their sexual satisfaction. Talking about your sex life with a therapist may sound scary, and you may not know what to expect in sex therapy. This blog post aims to provide information about the purpose of sex therapy, how to prepare for your first sex therapy session, what to expect during a sex therapy session, and the role of open and honest communication in sex therapy.   Understanding the purpose of sex therapy The purpose of sex therapy is to enhance and provide support… Read More Here!