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The Joys of the Holiday Season – Coping with Holiday Stress

Posted on 06/11/2018 in Blog, Family Issues, Stress & Anxiety

As Christmas approaches, we look forward to spending time with family and loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, having some “holiday cheer” and enjoying the plentiful amount of food and beverages.  Unfortunately, not all of these activities are enjoyable for everyone, especially if you have some unhealthy family members, family conflict, misbehaving children, or that “interesting” uncle/aunt that everyone wants to avoid.  Coping with holiday stress becomes an important skill, as it may be the buffer between surviving these few months versus having to clean up the physical, social or emotional messes that follow.  The American Psychological Association did a… Read More Here!


7 Tips for Blended Families

Posted on 02/10/2015 in Blog, Family Issues, Parenting

About 43% of all marriages these days include one or more of the partners who have had a previous marriage. 65% of these remarriages involve children from a previous relationship. When all the math is done, it appears that one out of every three children will spend time in a blended family situation (note that this is an estimate and a definitive statistic is hard to come by on this). Therefore, you, or someone you know is likely experiencing some of the difficulties that a blended family brings. Additionally, your child is likely to have multiple friends in this family… Read More Here!


Enriching your family with family counselling in Calgary

Posted on 21/11/2011 in Blog, Family Issues, Parenting

Family counselling with Insight in our Calgary location can help families who are having difficulty communicating with each other. Generally, this is one of the main reasons that families suffer problems intense enough to force them to seek assistance in the first place. With counselling, family members learn about each other in ways that they could not learn without the assistance of Insights team. Our counselors act as a mediator, psychologist and guide to helping family members live and grow together in peace. Family counseling, like individual counseling, offers a variety of coping techniques meant to facilitate the healing process… Read More Here!


Is counselling right for my family?

Posted on 21/11/2011 in Blog, Children, Family Issues, Parenting

Family counseling in Red Deer may be something your family needs if you and your family members are experiencing difficulties communicating with each other. Families who often struggle with divorce, abuse or personality disorders need an intervention with a therapist in order to return to a whole and optimally functioning family unit. Additionally, economic hardships can provoke underlying tensions within a family that emerge when difficulties cannot be rationally addressed. Blaming detrimental situations on other family members out of desperation will also cause frequent eruptions that are not conducive to the mental health of anyone living within a household. Insights… Read More Here!


Dealing with the Divorce or Separation of Your Parents

Posted on 24/05/2011 in Blog, Divorce & Separation, Family Issues, Grief & Loss Care, Marital Issues, Parenting

If your parents are going through a separation or divorce, a lot of feelings may be going through you at this time and this is normal. Anxiety, fear, shock and surprise, anger and even guilt may be the feelings that are ruling your emotions right now. It is common for kids to feel this way. Divorce often gives the impression of uncertainty especially since this is something that most kids and even adults are not familiar with. Some kids may also feel embarrassed that their parents are getting divorced and may try to hide this fact from friends and other… Read More Here!