Can Stressful Life Events Lead to Suicide?

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It is a common misconception that there are certain events that cause an individual to take his or her own life. However, the decision to attempt suicide is often affected by a number of factors. Most people already have the predisposition to suicide even before the event occurs in their lives. It is their inability to cope with these events that lead to suicide. Events that lead to suicide are called triggering events. They contribute to the suicide but they are not the cause. Triggering event...Read More Here!


Why Siblings Fight

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Although jealousy is what often what comes to mind when siblings fight, it is not the only reason. Sibling squabbles start after the second child is born and continues until both grow old enough to leave the home. Even then, arguments among adult siblings are still not uncommon. Changing needs The different needs of children as they grow can affect how they relate to siblings. For example, toddlers are overly possessive of toys and even parents, and seeing a brother and sister playing wit...Read More Here!


Planning a Family Intervention for Drug Abuse

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The presence of a family member who is addicted to drugs can potentially destroy a family. It is not easy to plan an intervention for a family member who is addicted to drugs but this often becomes the only way if previous attempts at getting the person to quit the addiction have failed. The purpose of an intervention is to let the person know how his behavior is affecting the rest of the family and friends. Not all interventions accomplish the desired goal of getting help for the indiv...Read More Here!


Reinforcing Positive Discipline on Your Kids

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Positive discipline is a way of setting limits on children without damaging their self esteem. It is important for parents to know how to set limits effectively without harming the child's self-esteem and this is done through positive discipline. Psychologists say that this is the best approach to use with children when they misbehave and involves focusing the attention on the behavior and not on the child. Parents also need to distinguish between deliberate behavior and unintentional beh...Read More Here!


Edmonton Couples Therapy Advantages

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Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy applicable to both married partners and non-married partners. The duration of therapy depends on the issues being addressed. Couples face a number of problems in their relationship. It may concern sex, intimacy, communication issues, parenting, anger, alcohol or drug addictions, or infidelity. If you are willing to address your relationship problems, then you are ready for couples therapy. It is the therapist’s responsibility to set the environmen...Read More Here!


The Connection Between Genital Echo Theory and Women’s Breasts

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The worlds fascination with womens breasts has been around since man saw the first woman. Indeed, womens breasts hold a certain hypnotic charm that is easily demonstrated in teen road trip movies and commercials. What is it that makes this pair of fatty mammary tissue so enthralling that even the most disciplined men fall down to its power? There are several theories that try to explain why breasts are so captivating, among them that breasts are fertility indicators and the Genital Echo t...Read More Here!


Understanding the Link between Obesity and Depression

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Studies have found that there is a link between obesity and depression in children, although it is not clear if there is a cause and effect relationship or if the two simply go together. In some cases individuals who are obese may be prone to depression because of the social stigma that comes with being overweight or fat. On the other hand, individuals who suffer from depression may be prone to overeating and this will cause an increase in size and weight. People who suffer from anxiety ...Read More Here!