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Erectile Dysfunction : Medical Cause but Psychological Impact

Posted on 17/11/2020 in Amare (Sex, Intimacy, & Gender), Blog, Sexual Issues

So, you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), which motivated you to see your doctor and you’ve learned the cause is medical. Now what? There is hope! Although most ED issues are psychologically based, some are medical.  Generally speaking, medical causes mean medical treatments! Even though the cause of your ED is physiological – there is a possibility you can alleviate ED by treating the cause. For example, if your condition is diabetes, getting your blood sugar under control can help. Heart failure or other cardio-vascular concerns can be treated and may relieve or partially relieve some of your ED. Medications as… Read More Here!


What Does a Sex Therapist Do?

Posted on 21/11/2019 in Blog, Sexual Issues

If you are experiencing problems with sexual performance or relationships and are thinking about consulting a sex therapist, Insight Psychological can provide you with professional and knowledgeable counsellors in Edmonton. Sex therapists are trained and qualified psychiatrists, psychologists or clinical social workers who specialize in human sexuality. They discuss issues such as masturbation, erectile dysfunction, orgasm issues or any other difficulties an individual or couple is experiencing. Sex therapy is simply a form of psychotherapy or counselling that emphasis sexual difficulties rather than mental problems. Sex Therapy and Insight Insight Psychological has a team of counsellors who will competently assist… Read More Here!


When is it time to see a Calgary Sex Therapist?

Posted on 03/11/2018 in Blog, Gender and Sexual Wellness, Sexual Issues

If you’re having sexual issues and problems that you would like to work through, sex therapy might be a good solution for you. Here are some other things to consider that can help you determine whether sex therapy is right for you. Questions to ask yourself: Are you willing to talk about your sexual issues? A sex therapist in Calgary will ask you questions about your sex life and your sexual issues, so you’ll have to be open to discussing these matters in the sex therapist’s office. Is your partner is interested in sex therapy as well? A sex therapist… Read More Here!


Does Porn Contribute to Violent Crime?

Posted on 02/10/2018 in Blog, Gender and Sexual Wellness, Sexual Issues

Ever wondered if porn is connected to violent crime? This is a complex question. Read on for Dr Cory Hrushka's take on the issue. Does pornography cause rape, sexual violence or murder etc.? With a commentary on serial murderer Ted Bundy’s use of pornography. Although there are two sides to the question of ‘does pornography cause rape, sexual violence or murder?” In order to understand, we need to look at the difference between causation and correlation. Pornography may be correlated to sexual violence and murder, but it is connected to many other things as well and vice versa, just like… Read More Here!


Model of action and perceived power (MAPP)

Posted on 22/03/2017 in Anxiety & Depression, Blog, Sexual Issues

Abstract Due to the need and request for a more sophisticated and robust understanding of the area of bondage, discipline and sadomasochism (BDSM or SM) activity, a more detailed and organized visual representation model was developed based not only on clinical experience, but on input from the SM community. This is called the model of action and perceived power (MAPP). After a review of the literature finding that little has been written outlining any adequate pictorial models of these relationships, the MAPP was developed to chart how commonly identified personal or given labels such as Master, Slave, Predator, etc. within… Read More Here!