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Needs and Services Progression

Insight’s psychological health and safety service framework is designed to accommodate the following 4 stages of service needs:

Stage 1: Assessment

If your organization is unsure of the psychological health and safety condition, issues, and risks that may exist within the workplace, Insight can help your organization to assess and determine the organizational/group/individual challenges faced and the corresponding services and support that may be needed. While assessment is typically the first step towards establishing an effective psychological health and safety plan in the workplace, it can also be undertaken at anytime

We offer the following PH&S assessments (click label for details):

Stage 2: Prevention

Once issues and challenges are clear, Insight can help your organization to design and implement targeted management and employee training as well as psychological injury prevention plans, programs, policies, and/or processes to mitigate psychological risks, prevent psychological injury as well as promote psychologically wellness and productivity among employees/members.

We offer the following psychological injury prevention and wellness promotion services (click labels for details):

Stage 3: Intervention

For your employees/members who are suffering from psychological illness or difficulties, substance dependency, cognitive injury and functional impairment, and/or major life change adjustment difficulties, Insight’s diverse team of therapists with different specializations can provide them with quality, specialized treatment and care, not only to prevent further deterioration of their condition but more importantly, to help them start their recovery and rebuilding process. Insight’s diverse team of therapists with a broad range of expertise stand ready to support your employees/members online and in-person at Insight’s six Alberta service centres. In addition, Insight has a robust network of seasoned affiliate therapists across different Canadian cities.

We offer the following psychological strain, injury, illness interventions and care (click labels for details):

Return to Work & Re-engagement

Insight can support your leaders in managing cases of employees/members on psychological or substance dependency leave. In general, the longer an individual is off work, the more difficult it is for them to get back to work. Insight can provide: i) return-to-work psychological assessments to employees/members on leave, ii) case consult or case management support to your leaders who are overseeing psychological disability cases, as well as iii) targeted counselling and treatment to help employees/members on leave deal with their issues and prepare to return to work.

We offer the following return-to-work and re-engagement services (click label for details):


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