Organizational & Individual PH&S Assessments

Insight provides group, organizational as well as individual assessments that can help to determine the organizational/group/individual challenges faced and the corresponding services and support that may be needed. What mental health and work stress challenges are your employees/members currently facing? What psychological risks and hazards are present in your organization? Are your leaders interacting with employees/members in a productive and psychologically safe manner? What specific mental health programs would suit your organization? Prior to implementing specific psychological health and safety initiatives, it would be important to gain a better understanding of the psychological health and safety risks, needs, concerns, and thus also priorities that exist within the organization. Insight can help you to select as well as apply the appropriate group, organizational as well as individual assessment tools to gain these important insights that could guide the development of your psychological health and safety initiatives. The main types of assessments are those listed below.

Employee Mental Health & Work Stress Scan

MyPsychPulseTM, a comprehensive multi-issue mental health and work stress scan developed by Insight will scan for the following concerns: MyPsychPulseTM is intended to:

  • Help your organization determine the collective mental health and work stress condition of your employees or members, so that you can apply targeted strategies and solutions to effectively address risks/concerns identified and build a healthy, safe, and productive work environment.
  • Help individual employees or members gain a better understanding of their current mental health and work stress condition, so that they can seek further assessment, support and/or intervention where applicable, in order to stay healthy and productive.

By having your employees or members complete this mental health and work stress screen, you are taking a critical first or additional step towards identifying specific mental health and work stress concerns in your workplace that may need to be addressed. Our team of mental wellness and psychological safety experts stand ready to support and assist you in taking the next step towards addressing key issues and building a work environment that is healthy, safe, and productive.


Workplace Psychological Health & Safety Risk Assessment

Insight can help your team or organization to identify and assess psychosocial risks within your team/organization that have or could impact your employees’ psychological wellbeing and/or contribute to psychological injuries. The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace identified 13 psychosocial factors within the workplace that can have a positive or negative impact on employees’ overall psychological health and safety. A workplace psychological health and safety risk scan will identify and assess these psychosocial factors:

A brief scan that focuses more exclusively on psychological safety can also be used to determine employees’ sense of safety at work to ask a question, report a mistake, propose new ideas, share their concerns, express themselves, and take risks to advance your organization. Psychological safety is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes (Amy Edmondson). Feeling psychologically unsafe would mean that one may believe/worry/fear that they or someone on the team could be punished or humiliated for asking a question, seeking feedback or assistance, admitting a mistake, proposing a new idea, or simply being and expressing one’s self. Harassment, bullying, abuse, and violence contributes directly to employees feeling psychologically unsafe at their workplace. When employees feel psychologically safe and operate within a safe and healthy work culture, they are much more apt to engage in behaviours and activities that foster creativity and innovation. An organization’s ability to innovate and evolve – be that to develop new products and services, adopt new technologies, or formulate new strategies – is critical to its success or even survival in a rapidly and continuously changing business environment. A 2017 Gallup report found that if organizations increase psychological safety, it makes employees more engaged in their work and can lead to a 12% increase in productivity. In 2015, Google’s Project Aristotle studied its employees to determine “what makes a good team,” researchers found that psychological safety was the most important quality that determined a team’s success.


Leadership Assessments

What ultimately constrains the performance of your organization is not its business model, nor its operating model, but its management model.” (The Future of Management, Gary Hamel) Organizational leaders shape the culture, sense of safety, level of engagement, stability, and ultimate performance of their employees/members and the organization. An effective leader is one that possesses and uses their emotional intelligence and leadership competencies to foster psychological safety, trust, motivation, creativity, diversity, accountability as well as the continuous mobilization of positive energy and actions among its people to advance the organization. Self-awareness and the willingness to work with our strengths, address our limitations, and gain new skills as a leader is the first step towards building our capacity and competency as a leader. Insight maintains a large library of leadership assessments and can help your organizational and team leaders to assess their management/leadership skills and tendencies and identifying areas strengths as well as areas for development. This would especially benefit:

  • New and emerging leaders.
  • Leaders who are transitioning to new roles and/or taking on additional responsibilities.
  • Leaders that require the development of new and/or better skills and competencies as their existing abilities are not sufficiently adequate or effective in fulfilling their leadership obligations.
  • Leaders who simply want to build on their existing leadership knowledge and skills as part of their commitment to continuous professional development.

Insight offers a multitude of assessment tools to evaluate a broad range of leadership dimensions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive multi-aspect management skills
  • Leadership styles
  • Communication styles
  • Personality
  • Interpersonal inclinations
  • Team building
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Intercultural competency
  • Locus of control
  • Tolerance of ambiguity
  • Problem solving and creativity
  • Management decision making
  • Empowerment and delegation
  • Self-care
  • Many more

With awareness comes the need for action, where applicable, to ensure progress and achievement of targeted goals. Insight’s team of Associates, comprised of proven organizational leaders and seasoned management development specialists, also offer tailored leadership training and coaching. They can help leaders within your organization to strengthen their leadership competencies where needed or desired.


Clinical and Other Assessments

Insight is one of the most comprehensive psychological assessment service providers in Alberta and beyond. We maintain a library of over 350 clinical as well as non-clinical tests and work with physicians and health regions, government and pseudo-government agencies, lawyers and the court system, insurance agencies, school boards, and organizations in various industries to provide their employees, members, and clients with various specialized assessments.

An employee/member who may be concerned with or may exhibit symptoms of psychological, behavioural or personality disorders or functioning issues should first get a proper assessment of their condition.

For a comprehensive list and details of all of our assessments, please click HERE.