Critical Incident Response

A critical and traumatic incident can include death or near death of an employee/member, violent incident at work, major work-related accident, or other traumatic occurrences. Aside from work-related, critical incidents can involve one’s athletic/artistic/social team or club, school, community, or other entities.

Individuals who witnessed, endured, are made aware of, or even vicariously became aware of a critical incident can experience shock, trauma, distress, fear, anxiety, grief, loss, loss of control over their environment, or other psychological and/or physical difficulties.


Our trauma and critical incident response team is made up of experienced trauma-informed psychologists, trauma specialists, and critical incident response specialists. They can be on or off the worksite or another designated site to support your people through such intensely difficult time. More specifically, we can provide:

  • Group debriefing and support within 24 to 72 hours after a traumatic incident.
  • Post-incident individual counselling and support.

Our Trauma Specialists and Critical Response Specialists can also provide training to managers and on-site first responders on effective critical incident response and support for affected parties.