Job Loss & Career Transition Support

A job loss can be devastating for an employee/member. Their adjustment becomes even more difficult when they feel loss, have not future prospects, and/or not sure how to move forward. Being in such a state for a period of time will likely increase one’s sense of anxiety, depression, anger, and overall despair.

Our therapists and job transition specialists can help your employee/member in the following manners:

  • Counselling/Therapy – Help the employee/member work through and cope with their grief, loss, and transition from the job loss
  • Vocational/Aptitude Assessment – Help the employee/member explore options for a new career, profession, and/or specific jobs by assessing the employee’s/member’s interest and aptitude for different types of tasks and professions.
  • Career/Job Change Preparation – Work with the employee/member to consider and refine their options for viable new employment or career, make preparations for employment/career change, as well as establish a plan of action on how to best move forward to successfully attain new employment or career.

For your employees/members who may be losing their job, offering an outplacement service that includes vocational/aptitude assessment, transition counselling, and career/job change preparation can help to ease the psychological impact of their job loss as well as help them to transition quicker and more successfully into their new situation.

Vocational/Aptitude Assessments

Career/Aptitude assessments can be extremely helpful for your employees/members who may be:

  • unsure whether their existing profession is suitable for them
  • considering a change in profession or career
  • facing a termination of employment

Insight offers a multitude of interest, aptitude, career tendencies, work dynamics, and non-clinical personality assessment tools that can help the employee/member gain a better insight into their professional aptitude, interest, strengths, and limitations. This in turn can allow the employee/member to make a more informed decision when considering a career/profession/employment option or change.