Specialized EFAP Supplement Services

Employee and Family Assistance Programs can come in various configurations. Some EFAP may offer a broad range of nice-to-have but not necessarily well used services while others may offer a set core services only. Large EFAP service providers often have a big network of counsellors that can offer your employees/members short term mental health support with some strategies to deal with their issues. Such an option is helpful and can be sufficient for an employee/member or their family member that do NOT have complex, co-morbidity, high trauma, severe mental health issues, alcohol/substance dependency issues, and/or specialized care needs. Such conditions can bring about severe and prolonged difficulties in a person’s home, social, and work life, and basic counselling sessions would often not be adequate to help them properly address their conditions or difficulties. As a result, their condition can continue to deteriorate in spite of the fact that they might have gotten help. In such cases, specialized therapy and/or alternative treatments by therapists with advanced or specialized training in the specific areas of concern may be required to properly support their recovery.

Insight’s Specialized EFAP Supplement Services are geared towards helping organizations fill critical gaps in servicing employees’/members’ unmet psychological care needs by their existing EFAP. Our EFAP supplement services consist of the following:

Clinical Assessments and Specialized Counselling/Therapy for Adults and Children

  • Assessments and care by our therapist with area-specific specialization – for employees/members or their family members with complex, co-morbidity, high trauma, severe mental health issues, or specialized care needs.
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  • Assessments and care by our therapists who specialize in children and youth issues – for employees’/members’ school-age children with issues associated with parental separation or other adjustment difficulties, abuse, trauma, school bullying, ADHD, learning difficulties, self-esteem, eating disorder, developmental disability, and/or other psychological or behavioural concerns.
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Cognitive Impairment, Deterioration, and Injury Rehabilitation

  • Cognitive functioning assessment and care – for employees/members or their family members whose cognitive functioning (which includes concentration and attention, memory, learning and retention, self-regulation, speech and language, information processing speed, reasoning, planning, and problem-solving speed or ability) is deteriorating as they continue to age, or is impaired after sustaining a concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke, heart attack, or other serious medical and/or psychological condition.
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Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)

  • Assessment and care for employees/members or their family members with severe depression, anxiety, specific substance dependency and burnout that has not fully responded to conventional treatments (medication/therapy).
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Organizational and Individual Psychological Health & Safety Assessments

  • Organizational and individual assessments to determine employees’/members’ psychological health, safety, and work stress condition in order that your organization can apply targeted strategies, programs, and solutions to effectively address risks/concerns identified and build a healthy, safe, and productive work environment.
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  • Specialized individual clinical, return-to-work, and non-clinical assessments. For more details, please click HERE.

Management Assistance Program (MAP)

  • Objective consult and support for organizational and team leaders by trained therapists, workplace mental wellness specialists, workplace investigators, and psychological injury or substance dependency case manager in dealing with workplace psychological health and safety issues, cases, and complaints. Specific MAP services offered are as follow:
    • Management Self Care
    • Management Coaching and Training
    • Management Consultation and Support for the Development of PH&S Assessments, Program, Process, and Evaluation
    • Case Management Support on Employee Cases Involving Psychological Issues and Substance Dependency
    • Workplace Investigations – Harassment, Bullying, and Violence

For information on specific services MAP offered, please click HERE.

Other Workplace Psychological Injury Prevention and Care Services

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