Case Consult & Management

Insight offers case consult or case management support to managers who have been tasked with monitoring and managing employee/member cases involving psychological strain, injury, or illness. The degree of case management support needed by each manager may be different depending on their experience in managing such cases. Service needed may range from consultation on how to support the employee/member throughout the treatment period and/or on the necessary accommodations at work, to full case management where we will work with the employee/member on your behalf to coordinate their treatment activities or multi-disciplinary service consults (where applicable), make arrangements for in-patient treatments (where applicable), monitor their progress, help them prepare for return-to-work, and any other needed activities.

Proper case management is especially important if an employee/member is off work or on extended leave due to their condition. Experts[1] have indicated that one of the most promising and cost-effective options for improving the return-to-work process is investing in occupational health professionals to meet regularly with employees who are on mental health or sick leave. Employees who have regular meetings with these professionals tend to return to work faster than employees who do not do so.




[1] CAMH (2020). CAMH’s Workplace Mental Health Playbook for Business Leaders.