Team/Group Support & Development

In addition to individual support and care, Insight also offers team/group assessments, intervention, counselling, psycho-educational, and support sessions.

Assessments for Teamwork and Interpersonal Dynamics

“Inability to work well with others” is a commonly cited reason for conflicts, strained relationships, poor leadership, work disruptions, decreased productivity, project failure, absenteeism, turnover, and termination. People have different personalities, values, expectations, interpersonal inclinations/needs, and attitudes toward problem-solving. When individuals have to interact with co-workers, supervisors, clients, or other stakeholders that may be different than them in personality, values, expectations, behavioural tendencies, and interpersonal inclinations/needs, the individual may find it difficult to understand these differences and challenging to work with a broad range of people with differences. Recognizing one’s own  and other people’s personality traits and behavioural tendencies, interpersonal inclinations as well as the underlying values, needs, and expectations is the first step towards building a deeper understanding, competency, and behavioural adjustments needed to communicate and interact productively with others.

Insight maintains a large library of clinical and non-clinical assessments, and can help your managers and employees to achieve this first step by offering suitable teamwork and interpersonal dynamics scans that would provide them with an insight into the specific aspects of personality, team, and interpersonal dynamics that they wish to explore and understand further.  When members of a team take such a scan together as a team building exercise, they can 1) learn  more about one another’s needs, tendencies, and preferences, and more importantly, 2) gain a deeper understanding of how to work effectively with team members that may have different or even similar needs, tendencies, and preferences.

More well-known scans include Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, True Colours, Firo-B, DISC, and many others. Team building workshops using these and other tests to explore different personality traits and inter-personal tendencies can also be readily provided. In such workshops, employees/members learn not only about themselves but also their co-workers and how to best support, motivate, and work more effectively with individuals with different personality traits and inter-personal tendencies.

Group Intervention for Workplace Concerns, Conflicts, and Dysfunctions

Our team at Insight Psychological has supported many organizations that are experiencing concerns, conflicts, and dysfunctions among their employees/members. Key examples of difficulties that we have worked with include:

  • Employees/Members expressing discontentment with how things are going at work and this discontentment is beginning to affect morale, engagement, performance, and/or retention.
  • Employees/Members expressing concerns or filing complaints about bullying, harassment, discriminatory conducts at work, and/or lack of support for employees undergoing gender transition.
  • Escalating and/or dysfunctional conflicts among specific employees/leaders or among groups of employees/leaders.

For cases such as these, we will work with the management team as well as impacted employees/members to identify and address the key roots of concerns. It should be noted, however, that positive change can only occur when there is genuine willingness and commitment by the organizational leaders to make the necessary corrective actions to impart change and for the impacted employees to buy in and participate in the corrective actions to impart change. Whenever possible, employees/members should be included in the decision making, development, and execution of corrective actions.

Group Sessions for Psychological and Substance Issues, Life Transition Difficulties, Grief and Loss

Aside from individual counselling and support, our therapists at Insight Psychological can also facilitate group counselling or support sessions for employees/members experiencing difficulties associated with specific mental health concerns, substance dependency, major life changes, or grief and loss. Group sessions allow employees/members to mutually support one another through their struggles, process through their difficulties, build resiliency and learn coping skills as well as explore additional support and resources where needed. Areas more commonly covered in such a session include but not limited to the following:

  • Specific mental health area (e.g. dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.)
  • Personal and workplace relationship difficulties (e.g. communication challenges, power struggle, bullying, abuse, etc.)
  • Grief and loss (e.g. death of a spouse, child, or coworker, loss of employment, etc.)
  • Major life changes and adjustment difficulties (e.g. post-partum difficulties, marital breakup, recovering from life threatening illness, etc.)
  • Substance use recovery
  • Parenting difficulties