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Psychological Cause & Effect of Erectile Dysfunction

Posted on 04/10/2016 in Amare (Sex, Intimacy, & Gender), Blog, Gender and Sexual Wellness, Sexual Issues

Are you experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? If you look at a lot of the medical literature exploring ED, they tend to quote that psychological factors are responsible for about 10%-20% of all cases. Interestingly, as a psychologist, and in my practice as a sex therapist, it is my experience that psychological factors are responsible for closer to 80% or 90% of ED issues. Certainly, there are a lot of medical causes for ED, and these need to be ruled out first prior to looking at psychological effects or causes. Common medical conditions that induce ED include: Diabetes,  obesity, history of smoking… Read More Here!


Video: The Truth About Child Sex Abuse

Posted on 01/12/2015 in Blog, Children, Parenting, Sexual Issues

Sex abuse of any kind is terrible and can leave lifelong mental and emotional scars, but it is especially abhorrent when it happens to children. The video below is a great piece produced by the BBC on "The Truth About Child Sex Abuse" Watch Video Here If you have concerns about child sex abuse, or abuse of any kind, Insight Psychological has experienced counselors in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Red Deer & Calgary that are available to help. Contact us today. Read More Here!


Sexual Kink and Roughplay De-listed as a Mental Disorder

Posted on 17/09/2013 in Blog, Sexual Issues

For many of us sex therapists, some of the recent changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5), the manual for diagnosing mental disorders, have been a godsend.  This new version includes a more up-to-date distinction between what a paraphilia is versus what a paraphilic disorder is. Although both are mentioned it is the latter, the disorder, which is the one that has the negative consequences. Originally, a paraphilia was defined as an intense or persistent sexual interest in something other than genital stimulation or preparatory foreplay, with a “pheno-typically normal, physically mature, consenting human partner.”  These interests can… Read More Here!


The role of a Sex Therapist in Red Deer

Posted on 03/11/2011 in Blog, Sexual Issues

A sex therapist’s goal is to help clients work through their sexual issues by talking about it, identifying the sexual issues, and exploring them. In Red Deer, this may include discussin issues of sexual desire, orientation, sexual behavior, as well as sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and painful intercourse. Moving beyond the 'Comfort' zone Let's face it: it can be pretty uncomfortable talking about your sexual issues if you’re not used to doing so. However, a sex therapist is specially trained to help you feel more comfortable and learn how to better express yourself when talking about your sexual… Read More Here!