Anger Issues

Does Porn Contribute to Violent Crime?

Posted on 02/10/2018 in Anger Issues, Sexual Issues

Ever wondered if porn is connected to violent crime? This is a complex question. Read on for Dr Cory Hrushka's take on the issue. Does pornography cause rape, sexual violence or murder etc.? With a commentary on serial murderer Ted Bundy’s use of pornography. Although there are two sides to the question of ‘does pornography cause rape, sexual violence or murder?” In order to understand, we need to look at the difference between causation and correlation. Pornography may be correlated to sexual violence and murder, but it is connected to many other things as well and vice versa, just like… Read More Here!


Strategies for Coping with Anger

Posted on 02/10/2015 in Anger Issues, Couples Counselling

Anger is often experienced as a reaction to underlying feelings. A woman makes an angry comment to her husband, but in reality she is feeling unheard and disregarded because he forgot to buy diapers again. This type of scenario may sound familiar to couples, but all relationships are affected by anger. It is important to take some time to understand your underlying emotions. By doing so, you can talk to the other person about what you are distinctively feeling and experiencing. Using “I” statements can be helpful for expressing emotions more explicitly. “I feel _____ when you _____ because _____… Read More Here!


It’s Not About the Nail – 5 Steps to Recover From a Fight

Posted on 16/04/2014 in Anger Issues

Have you ever wondered why your partner doesn’t just agree with you since you are making such perfect sense? Have you ever thought “if only I married someone who was as smart as me, we’d never fight?” Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s clear that you are in a relationship. So what happens after you fight? Do you repair it in any way or just avoid it and move on to the next fight? Researchers at the Gottman Institute say that for every negative that happens in your relationship, you actually need 5 positives to… Read More Here!